HCNS Facilities

Inside Areas

We have two classrooms, one used for the 2 and 3-day programs and one for the 4-day program. The classrooms have areas for doing crafts, imaginative play, puzzles, blocks, books and other activities. Snack time is also held in each classroom, with students helping to set up and clean up after. There is a bathroom and sink in each classroom.Outside of each classroom, there are cubbyholes for each child to keep extra clothes, indoor shoes, and lunch boxes if necessary.

Outside Play Area

Children often spend their time after snack time outside in the play area. There is a slide, climbing gym, and swings for children to play on. There is also a sand area with scoops, trucks and other tools for digging pleasure. A large, grassy field next to the school is used for sledding in the winter, flying kites in the spring and other activities throughout the year.

Graduation Sing Along (2014-05-29)